1 ¡¢ Artwork & Instruction

£²¡¢Production Process


2.1 Prophase Sufficient Communication

2.1.1 Provide all the details you want to use on the ring, such as Logo, Slogan, Year etc.

2.1.2 Suggest your personalized requirement of the design

2.1.3 Designer answer your questions or queries, to fully understand your requirements.

2.2 Artwork Designing

2.2.1 Designer do the artwork according to your requirements (need about 2-4 business days)

2.2.2 Discussion about the modification of the artwork (1 business day)

2.2.3 Artwork final approval

2.3 Production Period

2.4 Delivery


£³¡¢Material Selection


3.1 Brass. Brass is soft and has a nice ductibility. And the price is inexpensive. It is the best metal for custom rings (Recommendation Grade: A)

3.2 Silver. 925sterling silver with rhodium plating. Silver is meant to be the best metal for jewelry, only the price is quite high. (Recommendation Grade: B)

3.3 Stainless steel. Price is cheap, but this metal is too hard, which causes very high wastage of material. (Not Recommend)

3.4 Karat gold, solid gold, platinum. Very traditional metal for jewelry, but their only disadvantage is the expensive cost. (Recommendation Grade: C)


4 ¡¢Value-added Services


4.1 Laser engraving

4.2 Providing extra packaging or helping to find other suitable packaging according customers' specific request.

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